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Sunny + Finn is an Australian designed, ethically produced Kids' clothing label. They are a family-owned, Australian-designed clothing company that uses ethical manufacturing.

The Problem 

Sunny + Finn was looking to achieve a better return on what they were spending with Facebook. Though they had a funnel and were getting conversions, the return on what they were spending was lagging.

The Solution

Sunny + Finn enlisted the expertise of our agency to increase their return on ad spend and drive sales.

Our Approach

We began with a quick audit to ensure Sunny + Finn's Shopify website was optimized to achieve top results.

Next, we tested the audience, messaging, and products to limit bottlenecks early in the campaign and implemented Rapid-Fire Testing to validate personas, offers, and creatives that delivered quick - and BIG - wins.

Throughout the campaign, we layered in a variety of retargeting and email marketing to ensure we were reaching all potential customers.

Then we continued to monitor performance daily to adjust and optimize ads to amplify return on ad spend.

The Results

In just a few weeks, Kimaaya Media delivered an average of 350% return on ad spend.  We even hit a whopping 800% return as we continued to scale their campaigns. What does ROAS mean in terms of revenue? The client spent a total of $8,082.95 and received a return of $28,373.07 in revenue.

Services We Offered
Our involvement included:
  • Before starting to run ads, we made sure the client's Shopify store was optimized to receive the best possible results.
  • We methodically tested various audiences, messages, and products to ensure we got client high converting customers on demand.
  • Our motto is no customer left behind. So, we layered their marketing with various retargeting and email marketing campaigns to ensure we get all potential sales. 
  • Throughout the entire campaign, we monitored daily to ensure we could tweak and optimize ads for the best possible return on ad spend.
  • ​We provided a concierge reporting service to keep the client up-to-date on their campaign.

We help eCom Beauty Brands and Clothing Boutiques Skyrocket Sales Using Our Proven Facebook & Instagram Advertising Strategies.

But don't just take our word for it . . .
"Kimaaya is an expert at running Facebook Ads. Highly recommend!"

-- Ben Buckwalter, Entrepreneur

"Kimaaya is a glowing spot of light in the world of digitial Marketing! Highly recommend Kim! Especially those that require passion and a new set of eyes!

-- Rachel Pedersen, Entrepreneur

"She helped us increase traffic and get tons of notarity. She is one of the best in doing facebook ads. She helped us increase traffic and turn it into literally thousands, if not hundred of thousands of dollars. She will help you take your business to new heights! "

-- Chad Thibodeaux, Entrepreneur

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